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The Old Wood mission
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Our main activity is the reuse and sale of wooden materials from old buildings for interior design and decoration purposes. Among our commodities are products from pine and oak made of outdated beams, sunburn planks, old floor and attic boards, retrieved from old barns, warehouses and wooden buildings. The work we do is also environmentally friendly as we recycle the wooden material of old facilities destined to be demolished.

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How do we retrieve the wood?
Wood from the heart of Transylvania
- Produced with heart and soul
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Why choose recycled wood?
The wood awaiting to be recycled is produced during construction and home renovations. The reuse of such timber is worthwhile in various aspects because, among the many advantageous properties, is ecologic, aesthetically pleasing and durable as well.
Environmentally friendly
Nowadays, whole forests are disappearing from one day to another; hills are stripped of vegetation because of the massive intervention of the timber industry. The demand for timber is not directly proportional with amount of felled trees so there will be less and less forests worldwide. Therefore our company treats the wood as renewably energy source. Due to our work existing forests are saved since Old Wood is reusing the wooden materials of obsolete and old facilities awaiting demolition. These materials are retrieved from old wooden buildings, barns, houses and warehouses and can be used for interior design and decoration purposes.
The old, aged wood has a beauty, a certain charm that is not found in freshly cut and processed timber. It's enough to touch the products made from such materials, and can feel a sensation that you will not encounter at any construction supermarkets. The hand-carved beams, made over 100 years ago, still present the traces of the careful manual processing of the of artisans. (...) The traditional appearance of products made by Old Wood from recycled wooden materials provides a pleasant impression of both in a contemporary setting as well as in more traditional one.
Long lasting
Although most people think that old wood is not strong anymore, the reality is that old pieces are stronger and more durable than the new, freshly-cut timber. The old wood is so dry, that the moisture content in it is practically zero, making it much stronger and more massive than the fresh-cut and finished wood.